Autoline AS reclaims all sales and marketing work

In times where industry players are merging and finding new partnership constellations, Norwegian sander manufacturer Autoline AS has also undergone structural changes.

Its former partnership with Bevola has now ceased. As of 1 July 2015 Autoline AS sells and markets its products directly through vehicle dealers and bodybuilders in the Norwegian market. We now have the leading players in trucks, buses and bodybuilders as partners.

“This will give us a better opportunity to be close to our customers, while also establishing service points all over the country,” says Marketing and Sales Manager Finn-Ero Bustadmo.

Safer winter roads for all. For 23 years Autoline AS has developed and manufactured Autoline sanders, and has supplied sanders to almost 8,000 trucks and buses. Autoline is the market leader in its segment, and we have ambitions to remain the best option for those who want extra safety on slippery winter roads.

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