Autoline products

Autoline has developed eight different sand spreader models that can be mounted on heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, and trailers. We have also developed a special electronic control system for all of our sand spreaders. Another newly developed addition to our range of products is the Dumper Slip, which is a lubrication system for truck boxes.

Deliveries and product development

Our products have become well-known in the market over the past 20 years and are used by both large and small transporters. From the start, we have focused on product development and have delivered large orders to a wide range of customers. Examples include:

  • Regular factory deliveries for truck and bus manufacturers Volvo and Scania.
  • Our products are used as standard safety equipment by fuel truck companies working for oil companies in Norway and Sweden.
  • A large number of transportation companies have used our products for 20 years on generations of vehicles.


Scania R PB contact switch ICL2

Product no.: 4098486 Scania R PB contact switch ICL2 Description: Kit for connecting original extension plug

XL 140 extra large sander

Product no.: 1400000  - XL is our largest sander with a capacity of 140 litres and is the preferred model in cases where the frame has plenty of space and extra sanding capacity is required.

Controlbox 2224

Product no.: 4422610 Electronic control unit that contains fuses, relays and connection points for cables. Simple and easy to mount.

Volvo FH, FM og FMX double switch

Product no.: 4098415 Volvo FH, FM og FMX double switch Description: Fits the Volvo FH series

Bracket Volvo left/right side

2896014 – Bracket Volvo left/right side – Mounting bracket adapted to all Volvo models for mounting on both sides. This bracket is mounted directly in existing holes on the frame.

Bracket Scania right side

2896003 – Bracket Scania right side - Mounting bracket adapted for Scania for right-hand side. This bracket is mounted directly in existing holes on the truck frame.

Bracket Scania left side

2896002 – Bracket Scania left side – Mounting bracket adapted for Scania for left-hand side. This bracket is mounted directly in existing holes on the truck frame.

Standard bracket

Product no.: 2896001 Mounting bracket that is mounted on vehicle chassis. Two brackets are included with each new box. Universal, fits all models.

Stainless steel shovel with sides

Newly developed, 100% stainless steel shovel with sides. Very high quality!

Vinyl cover for sand spreaders

Product no.: 2302014 -Vinyl cover for sand spreaders to prevent water from penetrating the casing. These are used in the event of frequent cleaning, e.g. milk tankers. Supplied in standard size and fits all sizes except C50 and XL. These must be specially ordered.