Autoline parts

Our dealers carry parts that can be delivered from their stores.

4422610 Controlbox ESS 2224

Product no.: 4422610 Electronic control unit that contains fuses, relays and connection points for cables. Simple and easy to mount.

2302090 Lid S90

Product no.: 2302090 Filling door that fits the S 90 standard sandbox, easy to install.

4098004 Relé Heater 30Amp. 24V

Product no.: 4098004 Relay, 30 amps, for heating element in control box, permanently mounted in control box and fastened with Phillips screw. Easy to replace.

2199002 FL supportbracket

Product no.: 2199002 FL support bracket for feeder rubber - This is mounted against the feeder rubber to tighten this against the drum.

4498033 Fuse Motor Auto Reset

Product no.: 4498033 Circuit breaker for control box for motor, resets automatically.

2896006 Mercedes Bracket Left/Right

Product no.: 2896006 Description: Mounting bracket adapted to all Mercedes models for mounting on both sides. This bracket is mounted directly in existing holes on the frame.

4498006 Relé motor 50amp. 24V

Product no.: 4498006 Relay, 50 amps, for control box motor, one relay for each motor. The relay is permanently mounted in the control box and fastened with a Phillips screw. Easy to replace.

2302290 Fliplid with list S90 NTG

Product no.: 2302290 Fliplid with list for our standard sandbox S 90, easy mounting.

4196001 Motor with sprocket 1/2"

Product no.: 4196001 Autoline motor 24 volt, with motor mounting and gearing that fit all Autoline sand spreaders. Easy to install.

4098415 Volvo FH, FM og FMX double switch

Product no.: 4098415 Volvo FH, FM og FMX double switch Description: Fits the Volvo FH series