Perfection is not good enough

«20 years ago I was challenged by my father-in-law to develop a reliable sand spreader. The sand spreader is now a world leader, and he is still my father-in-law.»

The founder John-Egil Bustadmo knew early in life that he had a drive to create and the ability to get things done. As a young man he drew and built models of vehicles and boats. He later developed an interest in restoring and building motorcycles and Classic American cars, from both a design and a mechanical point of view. John-Egil was trained in mechanics and has worked as a vehicle painter, truck driver and product developer.
As a product developer he has always focused on high quality. The question has always been: «Is this the best we can do?» By recruiting a diverse team of 20 experienced advisors with experience in transportation, banking, industrial design, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, he started a process that is still developing.
John-Egil has cultivated his interest in vehicles his whole life. He has been fascinated with American vehicles ever since he got to drive his grandfather’s truck as a twelve-year-old. He was the president of the local Classic Car Club from 1982-1992, and sat on the board of the American Car Club of Norway from 1994-2000. This active founder is currently building his own dragster, which he will drive for the Autoline racing team.