Technical data

Box: Stainless steel 2 mm
Top/door: Stainless steel 2 mm
Mounting bracket: Galvanized steel 8 mm
Motor: 24 volt/60 watt per box
Heating: 24 volt/140 watt per box
Weight, box: 27-40 kg (excl. sand and bracket)
Sand type: 4-8 mm crushed gravel/sand
Spreading time: 2-3 minutes
Spreading length: 700-1000 m

Each delivery consists of:

The spreading capacity varies depending on the sand quality and use of ducts. Autoline sand spreaders reach 800 mm out from the vehicle’s chassis when the original mounting bracket is used.


A: 670 mm
B: 310 mm
C: 290 mm
D: 300 mm
E: 150 mm
G: 160 mm
F: 210 mm
H: 550 mm
J: 660 mm total height
K: 620 mm total height
L: 200 mm
M: 120 mm
N: 210 mm
P: 500 mm
Q: 260 mm
R: 510 mm

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