C 50 Builder Volvo KIT (Aluminium)

Product no.: 5040115
The C 50 compact sand spreader is a narrow model and fits Volvo FH vers 4, FM, FMX. Can be mounted on either the left-hand or right-hand side. Can be combined with other models. A good alternative if the weight is an issue.

2 x Sandbox C 50
4 x Volvo Bracket Left/Right
1 x Controlbox ESS 2224, 6m cable
1 x Double switch Volvo FH vers 4, FM, FMX

Technical data:
Box: Aluminium 2 mm
Top/door: Aluminium 2 mm
Mounting bracket: Galvanized steel 8 mm
Motor: 24 volt/60 watt per box
Heating: 24 volt/140 watt per box
Weight, box: 27-40 kg (excl. sand and bracket)
Sand type: 4-8 mm crushed gravel/sand
Spreading time: 1.5-2 minutes
Spreading length: 450-750 m