Y 60 Dealer Scania KIT

Product no.: 6020235
This is a complete KIT for mounting on Scania’s new generation after 2016, The kit contains our Y 60 model for pusher axle cars and has a capacity of 60 liters. The driver can easily and efficiently control the sand spreader from the vehicle’s instrument panel, and can independently lay out an appropriate amount of sand on each side of the car. The sand spreaders can be connected to Scania`s canbus connector, which means that they work together with the vehicle’s ABS / EBS system. This increases safety by, among other things, reducing the braking distance. Included in the kit are four standard brackets, sand spreaders for the right and left side, a control box with fuses and a relay for motor and heating operation. The sand spreaders are driven by an electric motor and the sand is heated by a heating element. recommended sand for use: 4-8 mm. The sand spreader is mounted in front of the drive wheels on trucks. Weight for pr. sand spreading without sand is 40 kg.

1 x Y 60 for mounting on right side
1 x Y 60 for mounting on left side
4 x Autoline Universal Bracket Left/Right
2 x Fliplid w/list NTG
1 x Controlbox ESS 2224, 6m cable
1 x Double switch Scania ICL2 NTG

Technical data:
Case: Stainless steel 2 mm
Top / hatch: Stainless steel 2 mm
Mounting bracket: Galvanized steel 8 mm
Motor: 24 volts / 60 watts pr. crate
Heat: 24 volts / 140 watts pr. crate
Weight, box: 27-40 kg (excl. Sand and bracket)
Sand type: 4-8 mm crushed gravel / sand
Current time: 2-3 min
Scatter length: 700-1000 m