Upgraded certification of Autoline products

Autoline has concluded an audit of its certifications and satisfies high quality requirements pursuant to the vehicle regulations, as well as special requirements from Volvo's bus factories. This makes Autoline more supply friendly and can be documented at all levels. Autoline is now carrying out type approval of our products to comply with more stringent requirements from truck and bus manufacturers.

New aluminum S90 model provides significant weight savings

We have developed a new and larger version of the S90 model. This is currently deployed on around 20 vehicles for trials and testing.

Extraordinary results from NAF's test track at Våler

Pulling power increases by 25% by using sand under the wheels. This was the test result that emerged during the annual “Heavy vehicle on winter conditions” event at the turn of January/February.

Cooperation with Innovation Norway

Autoline AS has started a joint project with Innovation Norway. The project was established with the intent of launching Autoline sand spreaders in the American market.

The world's largest hybrid bus fleet delivered with Autoline sand spreaders

The bus company Nobina was responsible for our largest single order which was for the company's buses working in Tromsø.

Autoline AS wins business award

The CEO was honored and proud when he heard from the mayor of the municipality of Kvæfjord that Autoline AS had won its 2011 business award.

Scania mounting bracket

Specially produced mounting bracket for Scania vehicles with the new spring mounting.

S 90 Fat Boy

A larger version of the original S 90 model. This holds a greater quantity of sand and thus increases the spreading length.