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Autoline sandstrøer v70

V 70 sand spreader

Product no.: 7000001 (R) Product no.: 7000002 (L)
The V 70 sand spreader is used on vehicles and buses with limited space for mounting equipment in front of the drive wheels. The V 70 can be combined with other models.

Two models can be delivered:
Product no. 7000001 for mounting on right side
Product no. 7000002 for mounting on left side

Technical data:
Box: Stainless steel 2 mm
Top/door: Stainless steel 2 mm
Mounting bracket: Galvanized steel 8 mm
Motor: 24 volt/60 watt per box
Heating: 24 volt/140 watt per box
Weight, box: 27-40 kg (excl. sand and bracket)
Sand type: 4-8 mm crushed gravel/sand
Spreading time: 2-3 minutes
Spreading length: 700-1000 m

Dimensions V 70:

Autoline V70 sandstrøer

A: 670mm
B: 310mm
C: 290mm
E: 150mm
G: 160mm
H: 550mm
J: 660mm total height

CAD drawing V70